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Vaulting the Bureaucratic Hurdles

What does an entrepreneurial life science company do when the pace of a key federal agency’s decision making process is preventing them from making a proven life-saving therapy economically viable? They turn to Tremont Public Advisors for a solution. Through a targeted government relations strategy we conducted strategic outreach to key members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. Our efforts resulted in multiple committee chairmen weighing in on behalf of our client’s position and action from the federal agency addressing our client’s concerns.

Giving Local Voice to National Issues

A national coalition of healthcare providers was faced with provisions in a major piece of pending federal legislation that could significantly harm the way they do business. We counseled the coalition on a messaging strategy that highlighted the concerns of constituents with the legislation in the home districts of key members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. By assisting the client with integrating unique local concerns and issues into their key messages to undecided members of Congress, Tremont Public Advisors helped the client deliver final legislation more favorable to the members of its coalition.

Taking the Public Pulse

Sometimes in the robust discussions concerning complex regulatory and legislative changes, the concerns and opinions of policy makers’ constituents are left out of the equation. Knowing this, on behalf of a Fortune 500 company we developed and conducted an in-depth survey of voter opinion on energy issues and then used our expertise to distill the information into compelling messages tailored for both policy makers and their constituents. With this data, the client through a comprehensive public engagement and government affairs strategy prevented the implementation of regulations that would have cost tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Navigating the Development Maze

Faced with the loss of hundreds of its members’ jobs due to a potential business bankruptcy, a large international union called on Tremont Public Advisors to provide advice on the complex negotiations surrounding the refinancing of the employer’s business and retention of its employees. Based on our expertise with federal and local funding for redevelopment we were able to counsel the union on how to help the employer maximize the amount of public investment in the project while retaining the greatest number of jobs. The result was hundreds of jobs saved in one of the worst economic downturns in recent history.

"Matt is known for getting results at all levels of government. He is an effective advocate who understands the details of the policy making process." – Connecticut State Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman

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