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Matt Hennessy – Managing Director

In two decades of service in federal, state and city government, Matt has built a reputation as trusted and effective advisor to leading elected officials on public policy, communications and campaign issues. With a proven record of advising winning campaigns and candidates, he has shown candidates and organizations how to effectively build public support and turn that support into victory.

Matt has distinguished himself in a number of leadership positions in government including; Chief of Staff to the Mayor of a Capital City where he led policy initiatives to close the digital divide, enhance public safety and spark urban redevelopment; and as a U.S. Senate aide where he played a key supporting role in the reauthorization of the Clean Air Act and other legislation of national importance.  Matt has served as a trusted political advisor and fundraiser for candidates and political campaigns ranging from Mayor, to U.S. Senator, to President. As a Deputy National Finance Director for the Democratic National Committee, Matt coordinated record breaking fundraising events for elected officials across the country.  Matt’s reputation for results led a prominent newspaper to report “Hennessy brings intelligence, confidence, political and fundraising connections and management skills to the job”. A leading editorial board echoed, Matt is “intelligent, competent, insightful, [and] politically connected”.

Matt is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government where he was a Wasserman Fellow. Matt also holds degrees from the Catholic University of America and Trinity College in Hartford.

"I have known Matt for twenty years and really appreciate all the smart, insightful, and effective support and counsel he has given me in matters of both public policy and politics."  - United States Senator Joseph I. Lieberman

"Matt is known for getting results at all levels of government. He is an effective advocate who understands the details of the policy making process." – Connecticut State Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman

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